Talent Blush

Professional beauty programme

TB Is A Game Changer in Make Up Artist Training.

The trainer at talent blush has been revolutionizing the process of creativity, helping students create original work that tells a story.

Students learn –

  • How to make and build a portfolio that gets recognized.
  • How to build a lasting career.
  • How to work on high profile clients.
  • Secrets to a flawlessly natural finish that is in demand among A list clients.
  • Awareness of what it takes to make it in the industry.

We help students find a voice, a brand identity so they get clients who seek their kind of work.

This programme covers techniques used in magazines, fashion shows, video shoots, private client service, bridal makeovers, society make up. Combining basic principles of makeup artistry with those of lighting and color co-ordination. Students will learn to apply corrective beauty and glamour makeup.

TB offers the most comprehensive course in makeup artistry of beauty and fashion. Students will learn to do bridal makeovers based on personality and look goals.

Our collective expertise is as great as your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn it.

On completion of the programme students demonstrate an awareness of cultural diversity and possess the knowledge of artistry essential to their professions.

Class schedule

Beauty Makeup - 4 weeks
Airbrush - 2 weeks
Photography Makeup - 2 weeks
Bridal - 3 weeks
Fashion Makeup - 3 weeks